Poster design

Poster designed for "Brides of the World" exhibition, Tehran-Iran, June. 2024

Poster designed for international community of designers ShowUsYourType, 2021. Theme: Tehran

Poster of contemporary Iranian artists art exhibition, The exhibition took place in “Artists Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia, 2021.

Poster of “Distance” Art group exhibition, Iran Artists Forum Gallery, Tehran-Iran, June. 2021

Poster of Art exhibition, Linda Farrell gallery, Paris-France , Dec. 2019

Poster of “The Mystery of Alphabets”, Typography exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia

Poster of “From Paris to Acropolis”, Photo exhibition

Poster for Panasonic

Poster of international poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont 2009. Theme : Being Twenty

Poster of Kianoosh Motaghedi photo exhibition

Poster of Omidvar brothers museum

Poster of Omidvar brothers museum