From Paris to Acropolis




خرید آنلاین و ارسال به سراسر کشور از وب سایت دیجی کالا:


I am Sahar Eshghi Sani, a graphic designer who is interested in advertising and photography.

First time when the idea of publishing this book flashed through my mind I was in Athen. It was Thursday, 22 of July 2010. I was sitting in a café, drinking coffee and writing my diary. Once I thought, after publishing some articles and short stories in magazines it is the right time to have my own book!

Generally I am impatient and ambitious but happy about these characteristics.

I love travelling without worry about it costs. I really believe that money should be in circulating and when we spend it for our pleasure definitely it will return us quickly. It is my rule.

No matter where I was born. Significant point is that I have no root in soil the same as tree. I am free and could travel. So the world is mine and I am really happy God endowed me the chance to see, experience and think.

I like writing. Pen and paper always keep me in peace. Of course I love reading more. To me writing diary doubles enjoy of every moment. As if that moment is recorded forever; and always will be able to readout, not only for me but also for everyone else who read it. I use to photography. It is as if I steal a shot of nature and save it for myself. I have my pleasure of seeing them again and again and now by this book I like to share with you my journeys’ memories and photography.

I remember when I was nine years old; my father used to write a sentence in a notebook and then it was my turn to write my sentence. I tried to write something relevant to his. We used to keep doing this game and fill many pages of the notebook. The key point of my father’s invented game was that we had no

enough time to think! We should write first thing which flashed through our mind.

The same year by encouragement of my father I started to write my diary. Sometimes I used to write everyday and sometimes stopped for a while. They are about ten notebooks and yet I have them. From time to time I page the notebooks. I love dairies. I love all bittersweet moments of my own life.

Still I use to write my memories and hide them in a safe place. Perhaps one day you read them as a book. Diaries and biographies are my favorites. Living in life of somebody else is very attractive to me; it means that you experience a moment without truly being there. Just as if you are moving in time. Your body is here but your soul transcends time and place and is living another life in another place like this book which is the true story of my two journeys, first to France and second to Greece.

My journey to France in 2009 was for visiting Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont and I went to Greece in 2010 to participate in graphic design course Ten Images.

It is my pleasure that by reading this book many could experience beautiful moments of these trips with me again and again. As if we are seating behind the wooden table of a café in Greece and feel the good smell of coffee.

Whenever I read these lines I feel that I experience them again and now this experiment is with you who are holding the book in your hands.

Sahar Eshghi Sani

Tehran - Spring 2011